Oct 22

Nourishing Our Children (& ourselves!) to Wellness

The subject of being healthy and well today is talked about and written about so much sometimes it almost seems like rhetoric.  For so many, however, it may even seem impossible or elusive.

I would like to inform you that nourishing your children to wellness is simply a matter of being trained in that realm and using common sense.  I congratulate and encourage those of you who are discerning and curious about what can be done to improve the children’s well being – and even your own!   God would have you and yours to be healthy and well.  This is a promise in His Word, and it’s never too late to begin.

We get “trained” for a job, for helping at church, driving a car, cleaning house, for various things, but what kind of training does it take to be well, and to know how to nourish our children, not to mention ourselves?

My name is Jennifer Vance.  I’m a Certified Nutritional Consultant  and Christian Wellness Ambassador.  As a health conscious mother and grandmother, I just want to let you know that consistent wellness, as well as staying healthy and well on purpose,  is attainable and God-given.

As a complete person, spirit, body, and soul…wouldn’t it make sense that God, Who is our Creator, would know what’s needed for our complete nourishment?

“For I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of all thy wounds, says the LORD…” Jeremiah 30:17

So would the following information be God’s way or the world’s way?



  •  “Childhood obesity-fifteen percent of children, 9 million kids, are seriously      overweight, a rate that has tripled since 1970.”                                           Sept. 22, 2003 – MSNBC  reports
  • “Over  the next decade, America’s unhealthy lifestyle is expected to cause more      premature deaths than smoking, due to diet, inactivity, and obesity…”                                                                                                        March 5, 2004 – WebMD Medical News/Journal of the American Medical Association
  • Recent report from experts states that we are upon the first generation of      children that may not outlive their parents due to diet and lifestyle deficiencies 
  • “Almost half the population of the United States and Canada is more or less    steadily subject to a variety of physical or mental ills.  These recurrently sick people fall heir to chronic diseases ranging from learning and behavioral disorders of children to chronic arthritis of aging.  Life seems more or less a continuous struggle against disabling conditions until irreversible senility or death frees the sufferer from his burden.”                                                   Abram Hoffer, Ph.D., writes in one of his books written in 1996   

Secrets to NOT being a part of these reports

The general consensus, coming from alternative health practitioners & experts I’ve studied under is, #1 – reduce or (eliminate) processed foods (dead foods due to little or no REAL nourishment) from one’s eating lifestyle.  Granted, this isn’t entirely possible all the time, obviously.  However, eating more of  REAL FOODS (living foods the way God created them) than DEAD FOODS, is a major part of the battle.  Ok, someone’s saying, “I eat food, what do you mean?”  I thank you for that question!

In today’s world, the “processing” of our foods is done, not for our good, but for shelf longevity and lack of spoilage on the shelf in the stores.  What does this mean? Is that processing really good for the body?  Does that mean one is consuming “food products” or REAL FOODS created by our Creator?


  • Processing  of foods creates dead, toxic foods for consumption and lack of complete nourishment as needed by the God-created body
  • Processing of our food supply literally strips the living, essential nutrients from “real foods” the way God created them – result is DEAD FOODS…which means those DEAD FOODS ARE BEING CONSUMED. Living bodies  need living foods in order to maintain life, get healthy and stay well AND establish a foundation of preventing sickness or disease conditions..
  • In  1940, about 20 percent of the food consumed in this country was  processed.  In 1996 figures were close to 75 percent processed.  Research the subject and you’ll find  it’s worse  today,  with more fast foods being consumed every day by people,  as well as the onslaught of genetically modified foods (GMO’s).
  • “Deterioration  has been forced on our population by the creation of artificial foods  lacking in natural vitamins and minerals because of processed food      manufacturers removing nutrients and adding artificial substances and flavorings   – most notably sugar.”  Abram Hoffer, Ph. D.
  • Additives to food (elements for destruction) consumed in the food supply today are –  processed sugar (such as  high fructose corn syrup), additives,  preservatives, chemicals for enrichment, fortifying, artificial flavors & colors, etc.  All of these have been proven to be major causes of maladies, health problems, energy robbers, and more.
  • Common-sense says – As long as food processing continues to strip out essential nutrients from our God created foods, there will be no let up in the causation of chronic ill-health.


Let’s start with the definition of what a junk diet is – “diet” being the eating lifestyle that one has.  I like how Abram Hoffer, M.D. states in his book titled PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER: THE NEW ORTHOMOLECULAR NUTRITION – “ A junk diet supplies poor quality eating – foods which contain sugar, white flour or polished rice, alcohol and items processed by manufacturers from whole foods.”  “Junk foods are artifacts derived from living organisms, either plant or animal.”

“Real foods” are foods that have not been processed and have all the natural, known and unknown vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes, natural fats, and so on, that are characteristic to each food, the way God created them to be.  The human body has been created to be in balance and well,  naturally, and foods were created to match the needs of the body, to provide energy, healing, provide feeling of well-being, as well as prevention against maladies, sickness and disease.

The condition of being healthy and staying well begins with making good choices based upon correct, and I say, common-sense truth. Most of us have not had that training.  We’ve been taught to eat the “world’s foods”.  These are NOT real foods.

Unfortunately, there has been a lot of misinformation and bad science put out regarding the modern-day food supply and even what’s actually good and healthy.  And the health of people in this country (even the world now) is manifesting so many health problems in the worst state of health ever, in a large percentage of people and families. 

Is poor health really a reflection of the way God would have us to be living? Not healthy, no energy, sick and diseased?

Our wellness is based on the choices we make and follow thru on what we think…come and see…you CAN break thru the bad health and poor nutrition barrier!


Foods that are being heavily marketed to us as “food” are, in most cases, not REAL FOOD, but extremely depleted if not void of needed & recommended nutrient elements that nourish the body.

My first recommendation for you is to learn to become a label reader.  Not the nutritional summary, but the INGREDIENTS list.

In most foods, you will notice that either the first ingredient, or shortly thereafter, the ingredient is high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup or sugar.  These are NOT FOODS, but residual products of foods being processed .  They are used as a preservative and to create a physical craving in the body that can create an addiction, not to mention weight and health problems. (This is being exposed daily in studies revealed on this very subject. Seems unreal, unfortunately it’s real!)

Next, anytime you see a word that you can’t pronounce, it’s a chemical put in to “replace” the natural nourishment elements that have literally been sucked out of “real foods” in their natural state.  Especially the enzymes in those foods.  Enzymes are the “construction workers” that take all the vitamins, minerals, etc. and cause them to do their jobs in the body!

The human body was made for REAL food, and ONLY REAL FOOD.  Man cannot duplicate or rearrange the foods that God has created and provided for us in the natural realm for complete nutritional support, and wholeness, therefore providing health and wellness. (Genesis 1 )

When anything other than proteins, minerals, enzymes, vitamins, etc. are taken into the body, and those NEEDED elements of real food continue to be circumvented, this then creates a debt of nutrients, or what is known as nutrient-debt.  This then places the human body system in deficiency that is accumulative.  Greater debts are inflicted, which then over time, create deficiencies, sickness and disease.

If one stops to think about it, this makes sense.  But people mostly don’t stop to think!!

Most of the time we just take all of this for granted, and tend to not pay any attention to the crisis that is occurring unknowingly and unawares.  This means that nutrient – debt is being established, which over time, leads to more and more health problems – not health and wellness.

Time to pay attention!  This is where getting started with Creator’s Wellness Education comes in – more about that later…

One food that’s so essential for nourishing children and adults is milk, but not just any milk – rather God-created REAL MILK!   The benefits of REAL MILK are extremely vital to health, the importance can’t be stressed enough.

The abundance of important information about this perfect food given by our Creator is mind-boggling.  So I’ve included just a dab of it for your own analysis. The information you’ll now receive will expose just a small bit of the damage that “processing”  has done to an essential part of our food supply – MILK.

My experience through the years, with my own children, as well as clients and their families, in providing and consuming this perfect food of God’s has certainly shown this research and information to be true.

In 1987  my husband and I began drinking  raw milk (I like to call it REAL MILK). Our children, of course, followed suit.  At that time they were 5, 7, and 9 years old.  As they grew through the years, this one food was highly instrumental  in giving their bodies the ability to fend off illness, skin problems, growing pains, building good bones, and so much more.

The foundation that was being established even  for ourselves, as we were getting older, was something that I hadn’t even considered, but have been extremely grateful for God’s wisdom in this one food, as we’ve continued consuming it over the years…as John and I do today!

The raw milk, being just one part of the wellness program that we began our foundation with, has been a truly sumptuous way to build immune systems, feed the skin, bones and teeth, and nourish nervous systems, just to name some of His benefits in this real food.

I bet you can think of a child that just bounces off the walls?  The solution is simple – they are not nourished – their little systems are simply starving! Sounds too simple?  Well, thank God He keeps things that simple for us…

Nutritional elements inherent to this  one REAL FOOD are essential for those children…bouncing off the walls and being unable to control themselves to excess is NOT normal nor good…they are deficient nutritionally and the stress on their little bodies is manifesting in that realm…REAL MILK (the way God created it) definitely does their body good!

I can  report results that we’ve  had personally, due to including REAL FOODS for establishing a wellness foundation, as well as the results that many, many others  I’ve counseled with throughout the years, have had as well.  ALL GOOD, I MIGHT ADD.

God is good and even has the answers for our health.

It’s interesting to note that people are waking up to the truth about the essence and importance of drinking REAL MILK as opposed to processed, refined, pasteurized – homogenized milk (I call it milk by-product).

There has been a tremendous amount of documented information and facts published by different reputable sources about this perfect food.  Not to mention a growing multitude of people all over this country that will do whatever it takes to keep this perfect and complete food included in their  eating lifestyle diet.

Though it’s a controversial subject, it is well worth the time that you give it to find out the truth about this God created full food.  The ultimate is of course, consuming this marvelous, wonderfully delicious REAL FOOD and experiencing the results in your own health.

Check out the following chart (short version) regarding nutrient availability in pasteurized/ homogenized milk vs. raw (unprocessed, unpasteurized, un-homogenized) milk.  I think you will be shocked!

Information for these charts is taken from THE MILK BOOK by William Campbell Douglass, M.D., a very in-depth and extremely informative, documented study of the differences between unprocessed (raw – REAL MILK) and pasteurized/homogenized milk (the processed, dead stuff). 


   PASTEURIZED MILK (PROCESSED) ( Milk by-product) 

  • less than 10% enzymes available
  • substantial loss of whole protein complex – these are needed for tissue repair and rebuilding
  • “good fats” altered or eliminated – essential for metabolizing proteins & calcium
  • vitamin loss as high as 66%, vitamin C loss exceeds 50% – Vit. C not produced by the body and must be included in the diet for building immune system
  • complete, complex carbohydrates altered (this makes the complex carbohydrates less available metabolically which affects the CORRECT type of fuel availability for the body)
  • calcium loss over 50%, loss of other minerals causes loss of mineral assimilation

   RAW MILK (UNPROCESSED) (This is a living food!)

  • enzymes all available
  • proteins 100% (22 amino acids including 8 essential)
  • all 18 fatty acids (saturated & unsaturated) all metabolically available
  • vitamins 100% available
  • carbohydrates (complex) associated naturally & utilized in metabolism
  • minerals 100% metabolically available (major components are calcium, chlorine, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and sulfur, vital trace minerals – all 24 or more)

A few more points on this subject – for your edification –  to keep in mind –

  • Pasteurization  of milk alters the milk and its original God-given elements that match the human body’s needs nutritionally, perfectly.
  • Pasteurization (heating at least 3 times, usually 6 times over 160 degrees) & homogenization causes the natural lactose in real milk to be converted to beta-lactose- which is a  form that can cause milk allergies (Dr. William Campbell Douglass, THE RAW TRUTH ABOUT MILK)
  •  A  large number of enzymes are completely destroyed in the process of   pasteurization  (Dr. William Campbell  Douglass, The Milk Book) Ex. – Phosphates are essential for the absorption of calcium, but testing to make sure of complete destruction of the enzyme phosphatase is what determines if the product has been “adequately”  pasteurized.  Phosphatase is essential for proper calcium absorption. (THE RAW TRUTH ABOUT MILK)
  • Lipase is completely destroyed.  Lipase aids in digestion of fats.  Pulverization of lipase is imperative to keep pasteurized milk from  going rancid (By the way,  real milk only goes sour!!)                            (THE  RAW TRUTH ABOUT MILK)
  • Galactase is destroyed in pasteurization.  This enzyme is vital for milk sugar digestion.                                (THE RAW TRUTH ABOUT MILK)
  • And the list goes on…. is it any wonder digestive disorders and health maladies are so prevalent?


Since there has been an abundance of “bad science and misinformation” on the subject of raw milk (unprocessed milk), and truthful education has been severely lacking or held back on this vital subject until in the last 15 years or so, I would like to stand in the gap for you on some necessary knowledge that affects your health and wellness.

So evidence show us commercial milk (by-product) that’s being consumed today is not food the way God created it.  Knowing this and acting on this –  for health’s sake –  is a major step on the journey to taking responsibility for your own wellness, and healthy  lifestyle for your children.  God’s goodness and wisdom is there for you, even pertaining to REAL FOODS that He created for you and yours.

It’s just common sense that as nutrient deficient foods are consumed over the years, an actual nutrient deficiency – or “nutrient debt” is created, as Rudolph Ballentine, M.D. states in his book Diet & Nutrition.

You can go to www.hth4u.com for information about how to begin including REAL MILK in your regimen for complete nutrition, and find out about co-ops or locations close to you where you may find this one God’s perfect food for beginning your wellness foundation.  It’s almost miraculous.


We all have lifestyles that are made up of what have been exampled, lived, or learned.  It’s incorrect knowledge, bad habits and choices,  that prove to be not so beneficial or even harmful to us, that need to be changed.  All it takes is getting the wisdom of God,  the truth on the subject, and then deciding to act on / follow thru on that truth.

First step is admitting what has not been working and that there may just be something else “out there” that will make a difference in your God-given ability to be healthy.

Thank God He keeps it simple for us to make those changes – and He gives us the ability to make wise decisions based on His truth and follow thru on the needed changes.

Now you notice I didn’t say it’s easy!!  There is no such thing as an easy way to wellness.  I personally don’t think there is much of anything in life that’s easy, except that which I have been deceived about…

Deciding that some habits need to be changed, is a good first step.  Changing habits is not easy, but it is possible.  And once a person DECIDES that something needs to be done, that’s more than half the battle. The value to finding out about making these valuable and lifelong changes is inestimable.

Would you like to see about how to NOT have to go to the Dr. so often?  Wouldn’t you love to keep those kids from “climbing the walls” and driving you crazy with the unexplainable problems you see in their actions or attitudes?  There ARE some really good answers, and they are available to you.

Do you know what you are feeding your children, and what it is doing to or for their health?  What kind of foundation for health and wellness are you passing along to your children or grandchildren?

Our lifestyles, including eating, have been passed down to us, if you will.  All that needs to be done is look at ourselves in the mirror, or reflect on the health of the family to be aware of where one truthfully stands in that arena. And know that the health situations / circumstances are not in stone…it CAN BE changed with your decision to do so, and acquiring the wisdom our Creator has for you on that very subject.

The next step is education.  The subject of nutrition and wellness is foreign to a lot of people, since most people believe that they’re eating well.

Creator’s Wellness Education©, with a Biblical approach, is now available to you for establishing a new wellness lifestyle and foundation, God’s way.  There is so much more information available for your edification on this subject.  We as parents and grandparents, impact the future of our children and the inheritance that we leave them, by what we feed them as well as teach them is ever important.

Wellness is a choice.

God said in Deuteronomy 30:19 – “… I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing;  therefore choose life, that both  you and your descendants may live; that you may love the LORD your God…”  – He tells us to CHOOSE LIFE… as you learn more about REAL FOODS, you’ll be able to see whether you’re choosing LIFE OR DEATH…even in your foods…amazing!

Choose to get educated with the Creator’s Wellness Education© training.

Choose to make good changes, choose to apply the good news, and I guarantee the results will be there.  God has created our bodies as such a miraculous entity and to be in balance and in good health, wouldn’t it make sense that He as our Creator would have instructions for taking care of it?

“What, know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which you have of God, and your are not your own?” I Corinthians 6:19

In the Bible God has provided instruction for us, it’s available for anyone that chooses it, and my job is to share and reveal the good news to those that are discerningly looking for the simple answers God has for them, even on the subject of health!

My specialty is teaching families about attaining wellness on purpose… with a Biblical perspective.  Creator’s Wellness Education© is  for families to learn how to get healthy and stay well, God’s way!


If you would like to break through the bad health and poor nutrition barrier you can go to my website  for further information about getting started on building your lifetime wellness foundation – God’s way!

The Bible says in Hosea 4:6 – “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…”  – Ignorance is NOT bliss, take some time to find out what you might be missing and the simplicity of how to get healthier and stay well… God’s way…


Contact me for further information about scheduling a complimentary  Wellness Evaluation appointment at 702-368-0302.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Blessings – Jennifer Vance, CNC / Christian Wellness Ambassador ____________________________________________________________________

Jennifer Vance is available for personal consultation, group meetings/seminars for the Creator’s Wellness Education©  program and Wellness Consulting to get healthy and stay well, with a Biblical approach.

 Jennifer Vance, CNC / Christian Wellness Ambassador

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This information is not to be construed as medical advice.  Always consult with your physician or health professional for individual nutritional and therapeutic needs.  The opinion herein is the author’s based on documented research from reputable sources and personal life experience.  This information is made available for discerning people that desire wellness and have made the educated, informed choice to make the necessary changes for a wellness lifestyle, and are taking responsibility for their own health, which is their God-given right to do.