My Purpose

DOWNLOAD FROM PHONE 2 002Prior to 1987, I had questions on my heart, about how to keep myself and my family away from all of us being sick so often and impending health conditions our families were in (our young children at the time 5, 7, and 9 years old)… and I just didn’t know if there was any way to accomplish that!

Then in 1987, my husband and I were introduced to a man teaching about getting healthier with a Biblical approach.  This was very interesting to me and as we pursued this endeavor, we all began to experience being sick much less often and over the years of continued application and learning, we were all able to see how this  lifestyle would help to prevent conditions I had been concerned about…if we would apply the teaching and protocol daily.

Now its been almost 30 years since we began incorporating this common-sense lifestyle, and we’ve keep experiencing the benefits of a natural approach for getting healthier and staying well,  coupled with  on purpose health & wellness Biblical approach of nutrition – a much more solid and  powerful system that’s become vital to our lives for a foundation of prevention and wellness – God’s way!

Shortly after getting started with all this, God put it on my heart to teach and direct His people in getting healthier and staying well with this  Biblical approach  of getting back-to-the basics health simplicity of God created foods for our God created bodies.  This system is so simple and miraculous even children get it!

Now our grandchildren are learning this lifestyle which is establishing their wellness for life!

This is the HIGHER STANDARD of wellness.

As an ambassador for the Higher Standard of wellness, I love teaching discerning people, like you, the importance of eating God-created living food, (REAL FOODS) for restoration of health, along with WHY the God-created body needs this approach, as well as all facets of this wellness lifestyle.

Creator’s Wellness Education© coupled with Biblical wellness consulting is about the good things God has created for you to be nourished,  for health & healing- naturally, completely (perfectly), and wholly (spirit, soul, and body).

I’m truly blessed to be able to shepherd you along the path the LORD has helped us to  discover about incorporating the Creator’s Wellness lifestyle which solidly impacts your awareness and ability to make good choices for getting out of the world’s ways of so-called health….


God has given each of His children the responsibility and choice of taking care of “the temple” He’s given us.  Wouldn’t it make sense that He would know what’s needed to attain that?  Now you can find out about it and begin applying to now…

I invite you to take the first step and listen to the Creator’s Wellness Education Introduction to find out more about what’s available to you and yours.   

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Wellness is a wise choice and it’s never too late to begin. 

Blessings on you and yours and looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Jennifer Vance, CNC, Christian Wellness Ambassador


Getting healthier and staying well – God’s way – is the Higher Standard!!