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In 1987, married with 3 little children, it seemed like we all  were experiencing colds & flu on a regular basis…my husband and I were introduced to a man that began opening our eyes to the fact that people being sick all the time was not necessary, and there were things we could  learn and do to make our lives more healthy.

So as we began attending meetings and classes about changing our eating lifestyle, we began  implementing some simple steps, learning to be consistent and diligent with our changes and application of what we were learning.  It wasn’t long and our children began  experiencing staying healthier, fewer and fewer times of colds and flu,  and my husband’s and my health was better as well.

Here are some of the family conditions that I was concerned about facing when we first started and really didn’t want myself or my any of us – especially our children -to have to deal with:

  •  heart and cancer problems  in my family.
  • My husband’s family had a history of  diabetes, heart, and cancer
  • weight problems on both sides of our families – this had been a lifelong issue for me that I wanted to get changed, didn’t know how to get it done successfully – and didn’t want my daughters to have problems with it.


Like everyone else,  we had plenty to deal with that I wanted to see about getting corrected or eliminated!!

I believe God heard my heart’s desires and began to lead me, unbeknownst to me, to a man that taught us about health in a Biblical realm.  What an eye opener.  Our lives were changed in every realm!!

This caused me to see what we were learning  was important  for others as well and was  developing a desire in me to help others learn to feel better, stay well & healthy.

Now, as a Christian Wellness Ambassador & Certified Nutritional Consultant, the experience of helping others incorporate this wisdom in their lives and health has been life changing.

We raised our children with this information, and apply it to our own lives today, even as my husband and I are in our  60’s.   This lifestyle is a permanent part of our lives.  Our HEALTHY lives depend on it!


As I’ve studied getting healthy and staying well in the natural realm with the Biblical approach,  for just about 30 years now,  its nothing but amazing to see how God is in everything, even the area of health!!

Seeing the need for this information, LORD has led me to develop  Creator’s Wellness Education©, so more people that choose to  can be empowered with this lifelong and life-changing truth, principles and common-sense, back -to- basics protocol.

So simple and common sense It even makes sense to  children!

Our grandchildren are learning about the same foundation. What a blessing to see three generations of application of principles and procedures that just plain work and continue to work  for health and wellness in every aspect of life – spirit, soul, and body.

Now it’s available for you and your family!

I invite you to take the first step and listen to the Creator’s Wellness Education Splash Introduction to find out more about what’s available.


Looking forward to talking with you soon…

Jennifer Vance, CNC, Christian Wellness Ambassador

702-368-0302     email – jenvcnc@creatorswellness.com